Frequently asked questions

During my experience of work as a wedding photographer I've heard our customers asking many similar questions...
Here I've compiled a top 10 list of the most frequently asked ones!

What`s your photographic style?

My photographic style tends to center more on the couple itself. I always draw my inspiration from watching how they behave themselves and communicate with each other while not in front of the camera. Then I try to recreate or immediately capture those moments of sincerity on film…

Do you work only in Virginia?
How can I make a reservation for my wedding?
I have seen the pictures of your weddings in your blog and it is so beautiful to see how people have fun during the event. They look so happy and smiling. Are you good at seizing the moments or the weddings are naturally so much fun?
How important a location for the pictures quality and diversity?
How much do I spend for a wedding photography, poughly?
May I choose a photography album?
Can I have the original, RAW files og the wedding photosession?

Do you have any other questions left?
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